Ashtanga Yoga is an incredible tool for our times.

An increase in physical activity is responsible for some of the greatest joys that can be practically experienced in a modern city.

To discover a source of joy that comes from within automatically reduces your cravings for external stimulation and gratification. The sense of empowerment that gradually develops, knowing that you can be the author of your own mind, and therefore your own body, is profound.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga can be seen as the source from which modern physical yoga classes derive. It consists of a series of poses arranged in a methodical order, with the purpose of gently addressing imbalances over a sustained period of time. Places in the body that present problems are refined and morphed into healthy structures.

The result is an increasingly strong and supple body, a feeling of vitality, and a calm, focused mind. After many years of practice, quite amazing feats of strength and contortion are possible, but this is not the essence or purpose of the practice.

We teach in a humble and fairly traditional manner, we prioritise individual tuition and tailored instruction, while encouraging a warm and friendly group atmosphere where healthy interactions can occur.

The graphs below show results from a 2016 study where 542 yoga students reported on perceived benefits attained through regular yoga practice.