Awakening the Inner Goddess: Oriental Belly Dance

Awakening the Inner Goddess is a 2hr deep dive into the feminine choreographed by Belly Dance performer Michelle Settmacher and Feminine Embodiment coach, Claudia Scalisi.

We’ll be exploring the energetic myriad of oriental belly dancing to move from our head into our body, combined with the aromatic qualities of the purest, high-grade essential oils to support the embodiment of self-awakening.

A note from Michelle, “in this workshop, you’ll be guided to feel how various instruments tap into different parts of he body.
For example, the violin speaks to our heart centre and enlivens our arms and upper body. While the drums speak to our hips to isolate and shimmy and the accordion makes us feel like undulating!
Spiraling energy in, up, around and out of our bodies while we channel the resonance of the music..
Tapping into to the ancient art of Bellydance is very exciting, it awakens the feminine and allows women to accept all their curves and wobbly bits, It gives them a purpose and bonds the women together..”

This workshop is so much more than simply learning to dance; it’s an offering of a point of entry back into the body, uniting with Shakti energy and opening our senses into a deeper love for our own uniqueness.

We’ll begin with a collective intention setting and meditation, followed by an exploration of select essential oils and their unique quality.

Expect an invitation to apply your favourite oils to your body to anchor your intentions before we move into some simple body movements preparing us for our belly dancing experience. Expect to move, sweat, breath, laugh and be embraced for all that you are in this safe space.

Our time together will unwind with revisiting our intentions, some gentle breath work followed by a light supper and refreshments.

This is truly an experience of the senses and we are looking forward to welcoming you into our circle!

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This gorgeous offering, including a take home blend of essential oils + nutritious food is just $50pp!

Or bring a friend for just $40 each ~ simply email Claudia to arrange for you and youe friend to take up this great savings.

Friday 26th Jan – Documentary screening: Breath of the Gods

A feature-length documentary including rare historical footage as well as lavish reenactment.

Modern yoga, that is, the form practiced daily by tens of millions of people around the world, goes back directly to Lord Shiva according to Indian tradition. At the same time, however, modern yoga originated in the early 20th century, a creation of Indian savant T. Krishnamacharya (1888-1989). That story is far less known and is what this film is all about.

Krishnamacharya’s life and teachings are seen through the eyes of the director Jan Schmidt-Garre on his search for authentic yoga. His journey leads him from the legendary students and relatives of Krishnamacharya’s to the source of modern yoga, at the palace of the Maharaja of Mysore. From Pattabhi Jois Jan learns the “Sun salutation”, from Iyengar the “King of Asanas”, the headstand, and finally Sribhashyam reveals to him his father’s secret “Life Saving Yoga Session”.

Friday 5th Jan – Storytime Yin featuring Kali the Goddess

Kali the Goddess: Gentle Mother, Fierce Warrior

Frequently she is called Kali the goddess of destruction. But she destroys only to recreate, and what she destroys is sin, ignorance and decay. She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. The ego sees Mother Kali and trembles with fear because the ego sees in Her its own eventual demise. A person who is attached to his or her ego will not be receptive to Mother Kali and she will appear in a fearsome form. A mature soul who engages in spiritual practice to remove the illusion of the ego sees Mother Kali as very sweet, affectionate, and overflowing with incomprehensible love for Her children.

Kali comes from the Sanskrit root word Kal which means time. There is nothing that escapes the all-consuming march of time. She is beyond time and space. After the destruction of the Universe, at the end of the great cycle, she collects the seeds of the next creation. She destroys the finite to reveal the Infinite.