We teach a variety of styles of yoga – and more variety is always coming! Here is an explaination of our most commonly offered class styles.


  • Flow classes are a sequence of postures that aim to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Targeting the body as a whole, the postures have a profound impact on health and vitality. We incorporate traditional yoga postures with smooth, flowing transitions, focusing on the breath with mindful movement whilst strengthening and toning the body.
  • Ashtanga flow classes are inspired by the primary series of postures in this dynamic and fun style
  • Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative practice where postures are held between 1-5 minutes. Yin targets our connective tissues and joints making it the perfect complement to more dynamic styles. Yin is a balancing practice and very calming for an anxious mind. Suitable for all ages, body types and levels of experience.
  • Kundalini Yoga is a deep, transformative practice incorporating movement, dynamic breathing and meditation. These classes build physical vitality and help develop a strong sense of intuition. Kundalini Yoga is taught through a five-week course in order to gain the most benefit from the practice, with the new addition of a drop-in class on Saturdays.
  • Mums and Bubs classes are a supportive space for nurturing the relationship between your body and baby. A great way to maintain mental and physical health as well as meet like-minded new mums.