Sarah is a true “Yinster” she has 480 hours in Yin Specific Training studying with Jo phee & Joe Barnett in addition to her 350 general yoga training.

She is passionate about Yin & Restorative Yoga and offers a highly individualised & trauma informed approach to the practice of Yin. Her sessions are slow, stretchy, soothing, meditative and accessible to all no matter what your previous experience of Yin is.

Sarah also teaches yoga for kids, she uses age appropriate techniques to start the journey of understanding the energy inside their little bodies and how it makes them feel. Parents/Caregivers learn the importance of the transition from Co – Regulation to Self – Regulation and practice stepping back and letting their little ones evolve.

Most of all she is passionate about helping other people connect to their true self, to identify all the protective layers, stories & self limiting beliefs that we have created to stop our true selves from being seen. 

Once we connect to our true self we can learn to listen to our souls whispers, and from an open heart we can tap into our true full potential and step into the life we were born to lead! 

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