6:00amFlow with Kim 60 mins

9:30am – Flow with Michelle N 60 mins

6:00pm – Yin with Tess 90 mins


9:30amSoundbath with Christine 60 mins

6:00pmVinyasa Flow with Jessica 75 mins


9:30am – Express Flow with Michelle N 60 mins

10:30am – Mums and Bubs with Michelle N 60 mins

6:00pm – Beginners Yoga Free Community Class 60 mins

7:00pm – Romany Turkish Dance with Michelle S


9:30am – Yin with Tess 90 mins

6:00pm – Kundalini Yoga Feature course with Lucinda 90 mins
(please click this link to book your spot)


6:00am – Ashtanga Flow with Matt 60 mins

9:30amSoundbath with Christine 60 mins

7:00pmChakradance with Christine 90 mins


9:30am – Ashtanga for Beginners with Ingrid 60 mins


9:30am – Vinyasa Flow with Jessica 75 mins

3:15pm – Family Yoga with Heidi 60 mins

5:00pm – Yin with Jessica 75 mins

Bookings + Payment

Our teachers are paid directly by you. Please contribute $15 or more per class you attend. Thank you for supporting our loving teachers.

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