6:00amVinyasa Flow with Kim 60 mins

9:30amMovement, Meditation, and Mantra with Michelle 60 mins

6:00pm – Yin with Mascha 60 mins


11:30amYoga Nidra Guided Meditation with Kylie 30 mins

6:00pm – Vinyasa Flow with Jessica 75 mins

7:30pmYin with Jessica 60 mins


6:00am – Vinyasa Flow with Heidi-Elisa 60 mins

9:30am – Vinyasa Flow with Michelle 60 mins

6:00pm – Beginners Yoga Free Class with Britt 60 mins


11:30amYoga Nidra Guided Meditation with Kylie 30 mins


6:00am – Ashtanga Flow with Matt 60 mins


9:30am – Ashtanga for Beginners with Ingrid 60 mins

5:00pm – Mindfulness + Guided Meditation with Rosie 45 mins


9:30am – Vinyasa Flow with Jessica 75 mins

5:00pm – Yin with Kim 75 mins

8:00pmSilent Meditation with Michelle 20 mins

Bookings + Payment

Our teachers are paid directly by you.

If you are experiencing financial hardship during the current lockdown we invite you to make a donation of $5-10 per class, and if you are unaffected, $15 is our usual rate. Feel free to donate more than $15 if you are doing well as this helps us to continue to run our tiny studio!

Thank you for supporting our loving teachers.

Contribute to Tess

Contribute to Matt

Contribute to Heidi-Elisa

Contribute to Ingrid

Contribute to Mascha

Contribute to Jessica

Contribute to Kim

Contribute to Rosie

Contribute to Kylie

Contribute to Michelle


Our studio runs at break-even most of the time. Should you ever feel like making a contribution to the studio itself, please direct funds to the account below. Contributions are gratefully received thank you! 

Name: Earthie Yoga
BSB: 637000
Acc: 724422063