6:00amFlow with Kim 60 mins

9:30am – Flow with Michelle N 60 mins

6:00pm – Yin with Tess 90 mins


6:00pm – Vinyasa Flow with Jessica 75 mins


9:30am – Express Flow with Michelle N 60 mins

10:30am – Mums and Bubs with Michelle N 60 mins

5:30pm –Primal Prana with Hamzah 60 mins

7:00pm – Romany Turkish Dance with Michelle S


9:30am – Yin with Tess 90 mins

6:00pm – Kundalini Yoga Feature course with Lucinda 90 mins
(please click this link to book your spot)


6:00am – Ashtanga Flow with Matt 60 mins


9:30am – Ashtanga for Beginners with Ingrid 60 mins


9:30am – Vinyasa Flow with Jessica 75 mins

5:00pm – Yin with Jessica 75 mins

Bookings + Payment

Our teachers are paid directly by you. Please contribute $15 or more per class you attend. Thank you for supporting our loving teachers.

If you are adversely affected by the current states of affairs in Australia and cannot pay, please attend free-of-charge as our gesture of community and solidarity.

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